Monday, December 18, 2017

Bali in Less Than 48 Hours: Seminyak Café Hopping

It was a hot weekday afternoon in undeniably crowded and sunny city Surabaya. There were 2 long-hairy women sitting down in everyone’s coffee shop, doing their routines over laptop, chit chats, and coffee. Latte was their favorito (sometimes sugar rushy Caramel Macchiato, or just tea on their poopy mood).

Surabaya was neither their hometown nor familiar places they ever lived in. You know, living outside your comfort zone urges you to adapt well. And if that doesn’t work, all you need is quick runaway. Quick escape from the city. Quick escape from routines which consume your productive weekdays and 4 hours on Saturday.

It happened when one of them popped up a sexy idea, “How about going to Bali?”.


It was me and @irenesekariani.

Our trip to Bali should be noted as our most impulsive trip of the year because we have no clear objectives why we should go there yet it was still beautifully managed (flight ticket issued, hotels arranged, itinerary listed) in not more than 1 days since the idea is popping. Being impulsive equals to being happy and not giving a f***.

So we went there to spend our not-more-than-48-happy-hours.

We decided to explore Seminyak. We both love Ubud but we didn’t have enough money to book those pwetty honeymoony villas. Lol.  I love beaches but Irene didn’t, so Nusa Dua wasn’t on our list. We both love coffee and good food and pretty places so Seminyak win!

There’s a LOT of pretty cafes you can find around Seminyak. I guess you can see it from your friend’s Instagram posts too. Name it: Sisterfields, Nook, Sea Circus, Kim Soo, Revolver Espresso, Motel Mexicola, Biku, Merah Putih Restaurants, Temu Coffee, Petitenget Restaurants, etc.

There’s too many, many, many cafes and you can get bunch of information  from Google until you feel that you don’t need to go there cuz it’s way too mainstream BUT IT’S BETTER TO SEE ONCE THAN TO HEAR A HUNDRED TIMES, RIGHT? So we did! We went to these places around Seminyak just to soothe our curiosity :-D

1. Revolver Espresso
Nothing beats a good feeling of having a good coffee to start the day. Grab a cup of Revolver’s coffee before you start anything else. Wrapped up in pinkish, retro, and woody atmosphere, I definitely will go back there whenever I’m in Bali.

2. Titik Temu Coffee
Next morning after Revolver, we had our morning coffee at Titik Temu Coffee. A good place to leyeh-leyeh in the middle of Seminyak crowds. Gonna revisit this place for late afternoon coffee.

3. Kim Soo
What comes in your mind when you hear Kim Soo? No, it is not Korean drama. Is it all white walls building with mini swimming pool in the backyard? A huge collection of nature-material house deco? Café that serve coffee and smoothie bowls? Yes.


4. Motel Mexicola
Who doesn’t love Mexico’s vibrant, flowery, and colorful decorations? An ofrenda arrangement was welcoming us on our very first step there. A lovely and lively place I definitely want to revisit for the 3rd time! Ask for a cheesy quesadilla and beers there, they’re all good.

5. Biku
Long waiting list before we finally had our seat and ate their famous Carrot Cake (the taste is too sweet, somehow, but it’s still nice) and Nasi Campur Bali. Re-visit? Yes, but only when their waiting list is shorter.

6. Mad Pops Artisan Ice Cream
One scoop, two scoop, stop stop. Their ice cream wasn’t as good as their fancy “Ice, Ice Baby” neon light. We couldn’t finish our ice cream, its taste was too coco and sweet (I guess they were using coconut milk instead of real milk).

7. La Plancha @ Double Six Seminyak Beach
Say hi to many Indonesians there! La Plancha is somehow overrated for an experience of sitting on a bean bag by the beach. This place is too crowd, all you gonna see is its waiters who busily arrange bean bags here and there for the nonstop coming guests. Nothing’s grande for the food. I recommend you to sit on another café along Double Six Seminyak Beach which also offers you the same experience a la La Plancha. 


+++ BnB Style Hotel Seminyak +++
Not an expert of hotel review but yes they serve quite decent breakfast for budget hotel class. It was near with that famous Warung Made. The neighborhood was very silent at night until we almost get robbed by ugly men who were riding motorcycle, trying to catch Irene's phone (but failed). Be careful at night guyzzZzZ wherever you are, ugly people with poor intentions are everywhere!

That's all for Seminyak, Bali. Looking forward for another Bali discovery!
Next? Ubud or Nusa Penida, I guess?

Photo Credits: Irene Sekariani & Assumpta Hangganararas