Monday, December 14, 2009

Beauty Talks

have you ever imagine that every woman wants to be perfect, or at least, almost perfect. by seeing supermodels life we could realize it easily how people especially women like to do everything to get what they want; not a thing what do they really need, their zero size skinny body and their same thoughts have made us seeing them by enviously "I've to be skinny. and always to be skinny. fat is jerk. fat is ugly. skinny is nice & that sooo me" ways to get not always run easy. may only lettuce & apple which deserve on their plates. and you'll not be surprised when they eat them still by tons of guilty pleasure. "how if this mayonnaise turns me into a fat?" and not be surprised again when they did workout everyday, or ate 2 small potato chips, still in guilty. going to our real life. whole of my friends always said "hey I'm fat! I don't ever like being like this. I need diet. I need to lose this suckest fat" right? if people asked me what part of my body which I love to hate the most, quickly answered: that's my legs. my tummy. my arms. my biggy butts. and the fuckest straight answer: all of my body. and efforts to make the-almost-perfect-skinny-me isn't easy & right. called them anorexia. bulimia. or in simple horribly hunger. we struggle that aches by keep thoughts "this is my efforts. be strong & struggle! you'll be skinny after of this sickness diet" PEOPLE DOING PAIN CONCIOUSLY & FREELY JUST FOR AN ABSTRACT AND SUBJECTIVES IMAGINE ABOUT BEAUTY. I'm not going to avoid you not to do diet, or anyhting else, because I do. the simple statement of those are: being beauty is a sickness. and the beauty is a pain. people could keep their hunger by perfect thoughts.

Beauty. Is. Pain.

Monday, December 7, 2009

#1 Daily Story

Teachers open the door,
but you enter by yourself

- Anonymous
The results are depends on me. Got 5 remedial? Well, high school sins. I really am craving for Rosa's *** !!!!! No more lazy :p

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What about the first?

This is my newest blog, I deleted my old trashy blog, and unfortunately.....I lost blog links too. So, gimme your link by comment in this post, or just mention me @Rashcx. Gracias!