Wednesday, January 20, 2010

another naives

forget the tasks. lemme to share cause the twittie bird has lost to deepest jungle. suck ya over capacity. for many reasons, i started, kinda like a deja vu. as you, the biggest dreamer, find the second of yer last memories. find the double, like a couple witho a woman. i realized that's totally naive & fooling my self. isn't it? when you try first and unfortunately you failed, then you see the copied stranger, what would you do? on way 2 find yer rightful thought, you catch another best, and another, another, another, and finally you can't get yer eyes off of 'em. sucha fckin thing rite? im not afraid of second hole if i could rise up again. but no one would rise me up from deep, that's the truth, that i can say at end. so i decided not to take that heavy risk. loser? no. im MORE than just a bitcha loser.