Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 random things

Finally found my mood to blogging again. geez it feels like I wrote this post few days ago when it was the start of my 3rd year in High School, and now I'm (almost) in the end of it. I have so many experiences between. from the sweet to sour things!! yeah haha it sounds classy but it's pretty true. this is the year when I got down, did my best struggle, found emptiness, then happiness, and finally built my self again. here are what I've been through:

1. The Breakup
It was the saddest story ever, but at least I've experienced and learn. Let past be the past. I've beautifully turned the lights on! Yeay :D

2. Delvignite
I love how the spirit arranged into a beautiful moves and make people happy. Thank God I found my self in Delvignite in Felquatro Dance Empire Family, when dance is not just about dance, but it's also about how you cope yourself in a team, put your big loyal, spirit, and efforts. I love how FDE really made us feel like a big family. the pict below was when we followed dance competition together with Frivlouz, this was also Delvignite debut.

3. Dad
A lil sad when I can't see him in home for a year ahead, ahh.... you're the best, dad <3 well, goodluck dad for your study! we miss you already.

4. Crazy Classmates

Wohooo they are my best mood booster at school!!!!!!!!! they can easily make me laugh for minutes long hahahaha thank you guys =D

5. My girls

and still, the girls who always be my best! :*

[send kisses from the middle of school's final exam, xoxo]