Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Year End Trip to Bromo

Hi, friends! Jogja is gloomy today because of the hard rain and heavy breeze. Back home from my college, I have nothing to do so yeah why don't I blog my holiday story? My family and I went to the most popular place in East Java: Gunung Bromo. We do know that Bromo is a common destination for local tourists or foreigners so I will just make it short, let me show you through the pictures :) 

Little note from me: it's just take one day tour in Bromo! Call it easy trip, yes? Less preparation is quite acceptable because Bromo's local people, usually called as Suku Tengger were very welcome with the tourists. Bromo tourism has been the primary comodity there. It's easy for us to find hotels, home stay, jeeps, horse, etc. You just need to bring your warmest jacket/coats and enough food. What are you waiting for?

Photography by Rosa Putranti Winenggar [Canon EOS 7D] and Daddy [Samsung Digital Camera].