Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014: Travel Journey

Holla! Planned to publish this post on 31st Dec but I failed (a lot of family holiday plans need to be checklisted :p), so here is my late post about 2014. I didn't travel to many amazing places you see on traveler's most visited places but I'm grateful that I made a progress from a lovely-homey girl who turns into a more reflective + adventurous girl. The most amazing experience was when I hiked Merbabu, out from my comfort zone and learned the lessons: money isn't everything, we're only powerless human in the middle of big big universe, and friendship wins above all ;)

All of the places I traveled are (still) located in Java. I find it so hard to arrange my time and go faraway because I feel like I don't have much time to do that. But I was wrong. I have time. I do really have it. I often find myself doing nothing or just surfing online. Dude, this is the thing that I should work on 2015: do something or go traveling.

I hope it's still okay to say Happy New Year.
My resolution is quite simple: do more, read more, learn more.
Ah... Have you listed down your resolutions or places you wanna visit in 2015? Better you do! It's fun and exciting! :)